Japanese Massage Chairs: Everything you need to know

Japanese massage chairs

If you’re thinking of buying a massage chair:

Always keep Japanese chairs as your first priority.

Why do I say this?

Keep reading.

In this post, I’ll explain:

  • why Japanese massage chairs should be your first priority, and
  • which are the trusted Japanese brands.

5 reasons to choose Japanese massage chairs

People are fascinated by massage chairs nowadays, and why wouldn’t they, the benefits of massage chairs are life-changing.

But when it comes to buying one, there are great many reasons why people (including me) prefer Japanese manufactured massage chairs over others.

Below, I’ve outlined the five most beneficial ones to you as a buyer.

1. Competition creates better products

Inada Dreamwave technology
Photo courtesy: www.inadausa.com

A staggering 15% of Japanese household owns a massage chair.

What has this done?

Created a fierce competition among the chair manufacturers in Japan.

This in turn, pushed the levels of sophistication and reliability of the massage chairs to new and greater heights.

2. You get Japanese craftsmanship

Japan is known for its amazing workmanship.

Simply stated:

With Japanese chairs, you can expect a sturdy build, sustainable design and great aesthetic value.

3. Japan is home to Shiatsu

Anybody who is a bit knowledgeable on massage chairs would know good massage chairs provide Shiatsu massage.
Shiatsu massage therapy

What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu is the legendary finger pressure technique first introduced in Japan based on traditional Chinese medicine.

The healing power of Shiatsu techniques has been enormous in Japanese people’s lives.

Because of this:

Over the years, Japanese technology has evolved dramatically to provide near-human Shiatsu massage experience through massage chairs.

4. Innovation is in the heart of Japan

To cater to the needs of modern lifestyle changes and needs:

Japanese companies invest a great deal of time and effort in bringing the most durable and innovative massage chairs.

Panasonic body scan technology
Photo courtesy: www.panasonic.com

Be it, Dreamwave or Body scan technologies, innovation has been in Japan’s heart.

No wonder:

We see a great choice of highly personalised and technologically adept Japanese massage chairs in the market today.

5. Uncompromising after-sales service

A company isn’t done after they have sold their product. What’s more important is a great after-sales service.

Japanese companies are known to provide the best warranties, helpful return policies and doorstep repair services for the buyers.

This also has to do with the Japanese culture in treating customers and guests with utmost respect.

Top 3 Japanese massage chair brands

Now that you know why you should go for Japanese manufactured massage chairs.

Your next goal is to probably find out which are these brands.

But, beware of those companies claiming their products being designed and manufactured in Japan.

Below, I’ve created a list of most reputable Japanese brands.

1. Panasonic

Panasonic - Japanese Massage Chair brand

Panasonic is undoubtedly one of the leading Japanese manufacturers of high quality massage chairs.

Before 2012, Panasonic massage chairs were designed and manufactured in Japan.

Now, most, if not all, of its manufacturing units have been moved to China. This was primarily due to lower production cost in China.

However, the quality control and design aspects are still handled in Japan.

As a result, Panasonic still produces one of the best massage chairs out in the market.

Sanyo acquisition

Sanyo - Japanese Massage Chair brand before Acquisition

Sanyo is a Japanese company, now a subsidiary to Panasonic. It was acquired back in 2008.

Before the acquisition, Sanyo manufactured great massage chairs.

But by 2012, Panasonic discontinued Sanyo as a brand.

And now, all the chairs run under one single brand name – Panasonic.

2. Inada

Inada - Japanese Massage Chair brand

Inada must be the most innovative massage chair manufacturer today.

Its patented Dreamwave technology has opened a new dimension to the industry.

As it turns out:

It is one of the only companies to design and manufacture its every product in Japan.

Inada massage chairs are known to be the most expensive chairs.

This has to do with its

  • Amazing research to bring the most complicated and advanced techniques
  • Awesome massage experience – almost human like
  • Attractive design and aesthetic value
  • Easy usability.

Inada and Osim relationship

Osim - Massage Chair brand based in Singapore

Before 2009, Inada was the manufacturer for Osim massage chairs. All products were branded as Osim.

However, after 2009, the relationship ended between Inada and Osim.

Now, Osim massage chairs aren’t manufactured in Japan while, Inada still does.

3. Fujiiryoki

Fujiiryoki - Japanese Massage Chair brand

Simply stated: Fujiiryoki are the pioneers of massage chair.

The first Fujiiryoki chair was manufactured back in 1954. Amazingly, it still works to this day.

All manufacturing and design of Fujiiryoki massage chairs is done in their headquarters Osaka, Japan.

That being said: Some of its models are also manufactured in China.

But again, the quality control is still handled in the Japanese division. This makes Fujiiryoki’s quality uncompromisable.


I hope this comprehensive guide helped you get the necessary information about Japanese massage chairs.

If I’ve missed any brands or information about them, feel free to address them in the comments section below.

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