Benefits of Massage Chairs: The Complete List

Benefits of massage chairs

Whenever you visit a massage chair store:

You’re sure to hear tons of benefits of massage chairs just to make a sale.

While most of them might be true, there are some that make no sense at all.

Realizing this, I’ve prepared this post to outline all the benefits of massage chairs in one place.

Below is a complete list of the ones you should be aware of:

13 Benefits of Massage chairs you should know

1. Massage chair increases the blood circulation in your body

Massage chair improves blood circulation

Undoubtedly, increased blood circulation is the most important benefit of massage chair.

(You’ll see below why increased blood circulation is important.)

But, how does it increase it?

The pressure created through massage encourages the movement of blood to all congested parts of your body.

Consequently, release of the same pressure also causes new oxidized blood to flow in.

2. They reduce your muscle soreness effectively

With the power of different massage techniques, massage chair is great in reducing your muscle soreness.


The improved blood circulation, stated above, enhances the movement of much needed nutrients and oxygen to all important muscles.

This, in turn, relaxes and reduces soreness in these muscles.

3. They flush out your lactic acid build up

Not only does chair massage flushes the lactic acid built up in your joints, it also prevents its formation.


Massage promotes the flow of oxidized blood in your body.

And as a result, the carbohydrate breaks down normally into water and carbon dioxide, instead of lactic acid.

4. They help prevent high blood pressure

Massage chair prevents high blood pressure

It is safe to say that, chair massage both prevents and lowers your high blood pressure.


It improves the circulation of lymph fluid (or simply, lymph) in your body.

Lymph is the fluid that helps exchange nutrients and waste materials between blood and cells. One of its important roles is to maintain your blood pressure.

5. Massage chair for back pain

Massage chair improves back pain

Simply stated: Massage chairs work best for back pain.


  • Through relaxation and,
  • Increased flow of oxygen and other nutrients.

According to a study, massage was found to work even better than acupuncture or risky spinal modifications for lower back pain.

As it turns out, massage therapy reduced the need of painkillers by almost 36%.

6. They make your sleep better and reduce your migraines

Massage chair has also been associated to reduce the occurrence of your migraines.


The soothing massaging experience negates the effects of migraine triggers.

  • It relieves you from your stress.
  • It releases a chemical called serotonin to balance your mood.

It even goes on to improve your sleeping pattern for better and undisturbed sleep.

7. They boost your immune system

As if it was not enough, the therapeutic effect of massage chair also improves your immunity.


Regular massage increases the number of lymphocytes.

Lymphocytes are the white blood cells which help in defending your body from various diseases.

Likewise, it also enhances the body’s ability to provide nourishment to important areas.

8. Massage chairs successfully lower your anxiety and depression

Massage chairs lower anxiety

Studies show massage chairs help relieve anxiety and depression.


Massage helps lower the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, by 50%.

Not only this, it also increases the endomorphine level (neurotransmitters) in your body. This reduces your depression and makes you positive.

9. They help with cancer

Believe it or not: Chair massages are actually very effective for cancer patients.


It reduces cancer symptoms, and side effects of the cancer treatment such as pain, fatigue and nausea.

As a result, it promotes relaxation in the body improving your immune system as a whole.

10. They work great for Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis patients have reported improvement in their joints through massage chairs.


The Swedish massage offered by the chairs improves the stiffness and functioning of your joints.

With stiffness gone, the pain is drastically reduced.

11. Massage chair speeds up recovery from your injury

Massage chair accelerates recovery process of your injured area.


Like most of the benefits, it also has to do with improved blood circulation and relaxation.

With necessary nutrients transported effectively to your injured area, massage chairs improve its mobility and flexibility with added relaxation.

12. They restore your energy levels back to normal

Massage chair increases energy levels

After a tiring day at work, a single session of massage chair can restore your energy levels back to normal.


The improved blood circulation rejuvenates your cells with required nutrients and relaxes your muscles.

13. They help correct your body posture to its natural state

With regular massage chair therapy, you can improve your posture.


Massage chairs relaxes and loosens your muscles made sore by bad posture.

Regular massages promote natural movements of your body helping your body retreat to its natural position.

This, in the long run, helps you achieve a good posture.


No doubt, there are numerous advantages of using a massage chair and Japanese massage chairs are considered one of the best out there.

However, not every chair will help you achieve the same benefits.

If you hear any other benefits than mentioned here, be sure to research about it before you buy.

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